Wednesday, March 16, 2011

smile you're in casablanca!

There was a sticker with that phrase on each customs office door at the airport.  :)  getting through the airport was easy enough and the customs officer even wished me an early happy birthday!  That and a whistled/fluted version of the beatles, yesterday was playing while i waited in line.  so far so gooood.

My favorite question to ask other volunteers is:  what is the strangest thing you packed?

Here are several answers:  pee cup (it is something very strange for girls to use to pee standing up), rain boots, solar charger for an ipod, dvd's (he didn't say which dvd's they were) a football, a camp shower, and a lot of undecideds because we all have no idea what we packed let alone in which bag it is....sooo i'll update this list as I think of it because i like hearing peoples answers.

For me:   mouse traps.  i'm not taking any chances.

camels: still zero
ankles:  only american.
playgrounds complete with jungle gyms, swings, sea-saws and slides:  two.  moroccans seem to love playgrounds.
women in designer brands:  many, many, many at the airport.  mainly it was the shoes because thats all you could really see.  Oh and purses.  crazyyy

current book:  wind up bird chronicles- because my life isn't strange enough already!

Today I saw many many donkeys, cows and sheep.  Luckily I haven't eaten any of them yet.... little McClukster wasn't so lucky- that was lunch!     I did however eat grain flavored yogurt. There were little chunks of wheat though out the entire dish.  you better believe if you visit i'll be giving some to you to try!

Today was round one of shots and i'm not talking tequila.  Round two is tomorrow.  good thing i don't have to worry about rabies now.  even though i would make foaming at the mouth look good.

love love love and miss you all.



  1. So great to hear from you! Pee cups are VERY practical!!! Saves your sandals a lot of grief.Glad to hear you are enjoying each day! Praying for you!

  2. I have to say that grain flavored yogurt sounds realllly good. Until I make it to Morocco I guess my wheat germ will have to do, but I look forward to the day I can feast on that! Loving the blog, Grace!!