Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And we're off!!!!

helloooo blog readers!  

While my sisters and brother and law are currently the only followers, I thought I would start this blog right now.

I'm in Philly getting ready to board a bus bound for New York Airport.  I had quite the difficult time re-packing all of my stuff.  I'm testing the limits of every zipper on every bag...lets hope I can carry them!

Last night I went to downtown philly and saw the liberty bell!  what up founding fathers!!  It was neat.

We land in Casablanca at 6:30am tomorrow (so, midnight in ohio).  Then we hop on a bus for three hours to meet our medical officer where we will be re-medically cleared.

Camels seen:  0
marriage proposals: 0
ankels seen:  lots, but its in america so it doesn't count.
clogger: met and very strange.
OWL:  also strange.

It was a good thing there was a Target right next to the hotel because I forgot a couple of things:  a razor and chocolate.  Thank you, Target!

Okay, I promise these posts will get better.  Until then, peace out team!


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