Thursday, May 26, 2011

check out that new title!

Today is the day!  I have one bus ticket for a bus that leaves in an hour and a half.     My bags, after a very long stressful re-packing which required all of my bags to be emptied and stuffed again, are ready to go!  I have about 8 new technical books from the Peace Corps, a carbon monoxide detector, and a massive medical kit that is about the size of a briefcase somewhere, i'm not sure exactly, in one of my bags.  I have my travel clothes, my ipod, and a packet of tissues at the ready!  And as soon as I put on my shoes I'll be ready to move it on out to my FINAL SITE!!!

Thats right team, as of yesterday, I am no longer a Trainee, but officially a Peace Corps Volunteer!!

Our swearing in ceremony was quite nice and we were recognized for our hard work and effort during our training period.  We were also able to recognize our teachers and other PC Staff for all of their help and support.  Then, we held up our right hands and swore our oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It was a nice ceremony held on the rooftop of our hotel in a beautiful tent.  Afterwards, the PC threw us a little party!  We ate delicious cookies and had fresh orange juice and avocado milk to celebrate our success!  We did it!

The past five days all 56 Volunteers have been together again (health and environment volunteers).  We haven't all been together since first arriving two and a half months ago.  It was nice to see everyone and have a couple of relaxing days to get some things done and hang out with my friends before we depart.  Once it is all said and done my friends and I will be spread all over the country.  While I am excited to travel to new places to visit them, I do wish they were closer to me!

Our final night together my close friends and I had a 90's music dance party in our hotel room.  It was pretty silly, but the perfect way to end training!

After these long 11 weeks of training:  school ten hours a day, living with a host family, going to many technical trainings, health trainings and safety trainings- I am ready for this next step!  I cannot wait to meet everyone in my new town, get established and get working! I'm feeling a little nervous to start this new adventure, but I also feel good knowing that it is about to get started. :)